Terms and Conditions

  1. I/We know that Truemaths takes admission as per its available resources (cause to undergo unexpected conditions and natural organizational risks). Truemaths makes arrangements of infrastructure, faculty and other requirements about several months before commencement of academic session. Therefore every student taking admission has to pay complete fee as per their respective course fee, under any conditions no fee will be refunded to any student, I/We agreed to this mentioned condition before taking admission.
  2. I/We hereby declare that the information given by me on the Online/Offline Registration / Application Form etc. is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I/We understand that in the event of any information found to be incorrect or false, my admission may be cancelled.
  3. My son/daughter taking admission at Truemaths with my consent (Father/Mother/Guardian) and after being satisfied in all respects.
  4. I/We, the parent and/or the student, hereby severally and jointly declare unambiguously that I/we have read and understood all the clauses contained in the Declaration and agree to abide by them without any reservation or ambiguity.
  5. I/We confirm that during counseling we got all the details regarding preparation of various courses as well as other career options. We have decided to take admission in Classroom/Online courses of Truemaths in the interest accord of my ward.
  6. I/We shall be fully responsible for any accident / mis-happening occurring with me/by me inside / outside the institute’s premises and institute will not responsible in any manner.
  7. I/We solemnly affirm that the institute has rights to send me emails (e-newsletters), sms alerts / whatsapp alerts and post on the mentioned communication details.
  8. Registration/Application/Test fee (Including GST) is not refundable under any circumstance whether you appear for the test or not or you have taken admission or not. Students will ensure to appear for the Selection Test as per schedule. If student misses the selection test for any reason the Re-registration request will not be entertained in any condition.
  9. We confirm that credit for success in Boarding School Entrance Exam, any exam in which Truemaths is involved in teaching the pupil will be given to Truemaths.
  10. Truemaths reserves the right to claim its credit by publishing student name & photograph in various media whether print or electronic for publicity.
  11. I/We here by confirm and know that there is no fee refund in Online Programs / Any other short terms program course in any condition and I/We agree to abide by the same.
  12. I/We have read all the refund rules & general rules & regulations of Truemaths as mentioned on website / Brochure and have understood it clearly. I/We have also received a copy of this Registration Form, all other admission documents for my future reference and timely compliance.
  13. Convenience fee may be charged / levied on online payments by various payment methods available on website. Please evaluate all the options before proceeding.
  14. Option for Online to Offline course change is available and online course fee will be adjusted.(If applicable)
  15. Kindly take admission only at Truemaths if the clauses of all the terms and conditions mentioned above are satisfying to you.
  16. I/We understand and cleared all my/our doubts related to course Fee / Rules & Regulations / Scholarship Schemes / refund rules etc for admission at Truemaths.
  17. Any legal matter/dispute is subject to Dehradun City (Uttarakhand) Jurisdiction only.
  18. I/We the Father/Mother/ or the student hereby severally and jointly declare that I / we have read and understood all the clauses contained in the Declaration on the Registration and agree to abide by them without any reservation or ambiguity and I/We have taken a print of all the terms and conditions for my future reference.
  19. Once you are admitted to our institute means you have read all our terms and conditions and you are agree with it.
  20. We ensure that our app implements APIs and SDKs. They are for the use in primarily child-directed services. APIs are used behind a neutral age screen or implemented in a way that does not result in the collection of data from children. Our app do not requires users to sign in or access app content through an API or SDK.